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reb's suhr signature model stage guitars reb's suhr signature model stage guitars
For some years now, Reb has used his Suhr models almost exclusively for live and studio work. Here he describes each guitar in his own words...
"My main guitar is the Suhr (pictured above) I bought at Rudy's Music Stop on 48th Street, New York in 1986. It is a solid Hawaiian Koa body with a Pau Ferro (Brazilian Rosewood) neck and stainless steel frets. It is very heavy, but has worn into my body over the years and I love it. The guitar is fitted with an original Floyd Rose tremelo system that is set up to pull back as well as forward like all my guitars, a John Suhr JST humbucker and 2 Suhr noiseless single coils."
"I loved the first Suhr so much that I asked John to make me an exact duplicate (pictured above). The duplicate guitar is a much lighter, but plays exactly the same. I put EMG pickups (an 85 and 2 SA's) in to use on the songs that have clean parts. This is my Suhr signature model."

"The 3rd guitar (pictured below) is a flame maple Suhr with a maple neck and my patented weirdly shaped mirror pickguard."

"It was my first Suhr model, but people either loved or hated the pickguard. It sounds a little thinner than my Koa guitars and I use it to warm up. It has a very thin maple top and I THINK a mahogany back. I will throw EMGs in it one day because it plays like a dream and looks very cool. I know this because Adrian Vandenberg used it when he jammed with us and it looked wicked."
"The fourth stage guitar (above) is a beauty. It's painted with the most expensive color of paint you can buy called prism, which is used on race cars. It changes colors depending on what angle you look at it from. Sometimes it's green and sometimes it's purple. It also has a mirror pickguard and it may be a solid alder body. I wanted a good strat tone."