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reb's pedalboard
Pedalboard 2005


Shown above is Reb's new pedalboard for the Whitesnake 2005 World Tour.

As you can see, there have been a number of changes to the board. Reb's old Danelectro delay has been replaced with a Digitech Digital Delay pedal. The Boss Metal Zone (famous for sucking out low end) is no more, replaced by a Fulltone Fat Boost.

Pedalboard 2005 Pedalboard 2005

Thanks to his switch to OD100 amps, the Morley A/B box used to switch from Reb's Marshalls (dirty) to his Hartke bass head (clean) is gone, replaced by an OD100 switchbox. The left button switches from dirty to clean and the right button kicks in a lead boost for solos.

Then there's the mysterious new "Nipple Switch"! We'll keep you guessing on that one!

Thanks again to Reb's tech, Cris Lepurage, for supplying the photo.


As you can see (above), Reb's pedalboard is constantly evolving as he adds and discards effects - it ain't the neatest thing you've ever seen!

We asked Reb to describe his signal path: "My signal goes into very expensive Shure wireless units, which are the closest thing to being on a cable I have found. From there it goes into a Bradshaw router that helps with guitar changes. Then it goes to the pedalboard and out to the amps."

"The pedalboard signal goes to a Cry Baby wah, a Boss Metal Zone distortion, a Danelectro echo for long delays when making weird noises, a Boss tuner and a Digitech Whammy pedal, which is in a loop because it messes with my signal in line. The whammy pedal is great with the long delay for weird noises. Then to a A/B box, which chooses between clean or dirty amps."

"The clean line goes from the A/B box into a Guild Hartke bass head with a TC electronics multi effects unit for wetness. The bass head gives a very loud full clean sound. The other signal from the A/B box goes to the Marshall dirty heads."

Reb has recently replaced the Boss Overdrive pedal seen on his Homegrown DVD with the Boss Metal Zone, as he felt that the overdrive pedal (used for solo boost) was taking away too much low end. Anyone who has heard Reb's live sound on the 2004 Whitesnake tour will agree he made the right choice!

pedalboard pedalboard

1. Pedal Power power supply
2. Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
3. Boss LS-2 Line Selector
4. Digitech Whammy II
5. Danelectro Dan-Echo delay
6. Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion
7. Crybaby Wah-Wah
8. Morley A-B box

reb with pedalboard

Once again, thanks to Reb's tech on the Whitesnake 2004 Tour, Matt "Maddi" Schieferstein, for allowing us access to Reb's live rig. The majority of the photographs in the Gear Gallery section were taken during the soundcheck at the Whitesnake show at Derby Assembly Rooms, UK, 26th November 2004.